• Who We Are

    We believe Operators need an unbiased source of information and a partner to provide the tools and services necessary for network improvement and to leverage competitive advantages. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality of data consistently with exceptional customer service. We provide a full range of performance analysis for optimization, marketing and regulatory approval.
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  • Multi-Operator Benchmarking

    Through competitive data collection, analysis and superior reporting capabilities, Score Technologies can provide you with unbiased insight into how your network compares throughout the industry worldwide. What story does your data tell?
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  • Data Collection Services

    We collect data anywhere and everywhere – in-building, on the train, around town, rural & remote. From mountains to lakes and ice fields, all weather all year round. How does your network perform in the stadium, amusement park, on the train or in a boat?
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  • Score Strong Certification

    Score is the trusted source for recognizing top-performing network test equipment, software & methodology. Our Score Strong stamp of approval helps vendors leverage their products so that consumers get the best equipment for the job.
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  • Government & Regulatory Agencies

    We help regulators audit the coverage and performance of regional & national operators to ensure compliance with regulations and obligations. We offer a complete end-to-end solution from data collection to analysis and reporting.
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