Score Technologies was founded on the principles of truth and integrity. We’re tired of truth being bent in favour of the highest bidder using mediocre or misleading methodology and second rate equipment.
We believe Operators need an unbiased source of information and a partner to provide the tools and services necessary for network improvement and to leverage competitive advantages. We tell the truth! Our goal is to deliver the highest quality of data consistently with exceptional customer service. We provide a full range of performance analysis for optimization, marketing and regulatory approval.

Our people are our greatest asset. Diversity, character and determination are key contributing factors to our success. Our team is talented, experienced, motivated, and innovative.

Score Technologies Inc. was founded in 2008. Our head office is located in Forest, Virginia in USA and we have satellite offices in Canada as well as Africa.
Score Technologies Inc. is the first benchmarking Company in North America to launch an LTE 20MHz Bandwidth benchmarking campaign.
Given our expertise and our ability to react quickly to ever growing changes in technology, Score Technologies has emerged as a leader in the arena of benchmarking and data collection for the wireless industry.

Why Score Technologies?

  • Quality - Score Technologies uses the most rigorous quality control procedures in the industry. We use only the best and most advanced hardware and software available which we constantly evaluate against new products. Our highest quality data is accurate – we promise!
  • Honesty - We tell the truth! Honest, forward and straight talking, our founding principles of truth and integrity won’t allow us to settle for anything less.
  • Experience - With over 20 years industry experience, no one has tested in more environments, from stadiums, offices and amusement parks to boats, trains, mountains lakes and Alaskan ice fields. And no one has more fun doing it!
  • Fast - We love challenges and pride ourselves in excellent solutions deployed rapidly, no matter the project size