Bermuda Leaps Into The World of 4G LTE

September 1, 2017

Through the High Demand Spectrum Assignment Process (HDS-1), The Regulatory Authority of Bermuda has made it possible for Digicel and One Communications wireless service providers to launch 4G LTE mobile voice and broadband internet services that rival networks in the United States and Eurpoe. Score Technologies has had the privilege of working with the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda, providing validation and quality assurance testing of the newly launched networks, ensuring carrier obligations were met.

Quality assurance testing covered the entire island as well as the Great Sound where the Americas Cup was held in June 2017 in order to ensure world class voice and data service for the vast international roaming traffic expected during the event. Over land and sea, we are proud to support the people of Bermuda.

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Connecting Rural Communities

June 1, 2016

Internet access is quickly becoming a basic human right. Connected communities are better communities - better health, education, influence and economic opportunities. The FCC's Connected Nation Policy has made it possible for wireless service providers to extend the availability of 3G/4G mobile voice and broadband internet services in underserved rural communities throughout the US, including tribal lands. GCI has committed to providing 3G/4G mobile voice and broadband internet services to over 80 communities throughout rural Alaska and has partnered with Score Technologies Inc. to verify quality of service in these communities. By boat, ATV, snowmobile, helicopter and backpack, we are proud to support the peoples and tribes of rural Alaska, bringing connection and opportunity to the places that need it most!

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E911 Phase 2 Compliance Testing

April 7, 2016

Wireless Service Providers are required by regulatory agencies to provide accurate locations for their customers while using emergency services (911). These results must be tested regularly across the entire network with a minimum 95% success rate and 90% confidence of the location provided. Based on technological excellence and rapid deployment capabilities, Score Technologies has been chosen by Rogers Wireless to provide E911 accuracy testing for their nationwide GSM, UMTS and VoLTE networks. 

VoLTE - The Next Evolution of Wireless Voice is Here!

Feb 23, 2015

Score Technologies Inc has begun a nation-wide test campaign using the latest LG G3 Vigor smartphone to verify Rogers Wireless’ Voice over LTE (VoLTE) network prior to public launch. Rogers is first in Canada to offer this evolutionary leap in voice technology and Score is proud to support this launch, collecting and analyzing real speech samples (using SwissQual’s wide-band POLQA algorithm) and network messaging (including SRVCC success, RTP statistics, resource blocks/frame and net PDSCH throughput).

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Score Supports Rogers in Complaint Against Bell’s Most Reliable Claim

Bell told to scrap 'most reliable' ads

Canada no longer has a "most reliable network" after a B.C court ruled Bell Mobility must remove all of its advertising containing such a claim in a decision that conjured up wireless deja vu.
Wednesday's court order follows a similar injunction issued last month against Rogers Communications Inc.'s own claim to be Canada's most reliable network.

Rogers launched legal action against Bell on Dec. 1, claiming the Bell ads were false and misleading in an action that came after Rogers lost its own battle against Telus Corp. over the most-reliable issue.
Rogers argued before a B.C. court that data suggesting Bell's network is the most reliable is misleading because it was compiled before the commercial launch of its upgraded network, said John Boynton, chief marketing officer of Rogers Wireless.

"You need to build reliability over time with many customers to be able to validate," he said. "... Bell testing on an empty network does not constitute that."

"The claim is something Rogers has been building and measuring and reporting on for years and years," he said. "We have vast, vast amounts of internal and external third party testing over many years over thousands of tests per city."

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