Score Technologies Inc. Leads with LTE

June 15, 2011

Score Technologies Inc. is the first benchmarking company in North America to launch AWS LTE benchmark testing.

Utilizing the first commercially available devices for LTE, Rogers is furiously collecting data across Canada at blazing speed.

Score Technologies Inc. Leads With HSPA All The Way

January 15, 2011

Score Technologies Inc. is the first Benchmarking Company in North America to launch a 42Mbps dual carrier HSPA+ benchmarking campaign.

With technology rapidly changing, trust Score Technologies for innovation and first to market implementation.

Score Technologies Inc. Begins 21Mbps HSPA+ Benchmarking Campaign

November 5, 2009

Score Technologies Inc. becomes the first Benchmarking Company in North America to launch a 21Mbps HSPA+ benchmarking campaign.

Score Technologies Inc. has begun its benchmarking campaign across Canada. Score Technologies is benchmarking the 3 major carriers, collecting voice quality and packet data throughput information on legacy GSM and CDMA systems as well as UMTS voice and HSPA+ 21Mbps data networks.

Assisted by its partner, MobileNet Services and drive test equipment supplier, SwissQual Inc., Score Technologies became the first company to collect 21Mbps* HSPA+ packet data throughputs on a live network. Given the expertise of the company and the ability to react quickly to ever growing changes in technology, Score Technologies has emerged as a leader in the arena of benchmarking and data collection for the wireless industry.

*21Mbps, 42Mbps, and 100Mbps are theoretical maximum speeds. Actual speeds are lower due to overhead, network conditions, loading etc.