November 5, 2009

Score Technologies Inc. becomes the first Benchmarking Company in North America to launch a 21Mbps HSPA+ benchmarking campaign.

Score Technologies Inc. has begun its benchmarking campaign across Canada. Score Technologies is benchmarking the 3 major carriers, collecting voice quality and packet data throughput information on legacy GSM and CDMA systems as well as UMTS voice and HSPA+ 21Mbps data networks.

Assisted by its partner, MobileNet Services and drive test equipment supplier, SwissQual Inc., Score Technologies became the first company to collect 21Mbps* HSPA+ packet data throughputs on a live network. Given the expertise of the company and the ability to react quickly to ever growing changes in technology, Score Technologies has emerged as a leader in the arena of benchmarking and data collection for the wireless industry.

*21Mbps, 42Mbps, and 100Mbps are theoretical maximum speeds. Actual speeds are lower due to overhead, network conditions, loading etc.