In order to ensure the very highest quality data collection, we continuously evaluate the latest network test equipment and software from every vendor in the industry. We trial everything, including benchmarking & optimization equipment, probes, scanners, handsets, tablets, app-based testing equipment, as well as analysis & software solutions. We partner with vendors to develop, improve and validate their hardware and software solutions. We’ve worked with SwissQual, Nemo, Ascom, TEMS, PCTEL, Anite, JDSU, Rohde & Schwarz, DRT, Root Metrics, QualiTest Gladiator, Actix and SAP Business Objects, just to name a few!

Score is the trusted source for recognizing top-performing network test equipment manufacturers and software solutions. Our Score Strong certification helps vendors leverage their products so that consumers get the best equipment for the job. Ask us how your product compares!

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From antennae to installations and methodology, let us help you audit and fine tune your data collection program.