Multi-Operator Benchmarking

Through competitive data collection, analysis and superior reporting capabilities, Score Technologies can provide you with unbiased insight into how your network compares throughout the industry worldwide. We provide actionable data so that you can compare, optimize, identify and market network strengths, and even test new network deployments prior to launching publicly.

Our veteran staff have been involved in data collection services in the United States and international markets for over 35 years. Through extensive experience, we have mastered the complex logistics of competitive drive testing which allows us to deliver quality data on time.

  • We lead the industry in superior test methodology, equipment validation and quality of data. We demand the very best!
  • Our data tells a story – Do you know your competitor’s network performance and competitive edge? We do!
  • Do you have the data to back up your marketing campaign? We can help identify and support network performance based marketing campaigns (fastest, clearest, largest, most reliable)
Benchmarking Equipment: Rhode & Schwarz Freerider4
Scanner: Rohde & Schwarz TSME6