Reference Signal Intelligence

In our ever connected and complicated modern world, RF signalling can get messy. Advertised coverage never matches real world experience. Network optimization primarily focuses on the never ending task of identifying, managing and eliminating sources of interference. Regulators lack the tools to adequately monitor spectrum licensing obligations. National security and military agencies struggle with rogue communication networks.

We collect street level, country wide scanner data for mapping, reporting and analysis of all technologies and frequencies, building databases for historical and trending insights. We can locate, track, isolate, monitor and identify reference signals, providing intelligence to operators, government regulatory and military agencies. We have considerable experience assisting government regulators with everything from spectrum clearing to operator licensing audits, including 5G and sub 6GHz networks.

  • Real world network coverage maps
  • Accurate cell tower locations for any operator, technology and frequency
  • Identify sources of interference
  • Geolocate ad hoc and rogue communications (ie HF, UHF, VHF)
  • Spectrum scanning and signal emissions control

Whatever you’re struggling with, we can help.