Score Technologies Inc. Joins SMART Africa Alliance

We are excited to join the alliance of 30 African countries committed to accelerating socio-economic growth across the continent through access to affordable broadband and usage of information and communications technologies. Our work with telecommunications regulators and national operators affects improved quality of voice and data services for consumers. Through real-time network testing, infrastructure evaluation … Read more

Bermuda Leaps Into The World of 4G LTE

Through the High Demand Spectrum Assignment Process (HDS-1), The Regulatory Authority of Bermuda has made it possible for Digicel and One Communications wireless service providers to launch 4G LTE mobile voice and broadband internet services that rival networks in the United States and Eurpoe. Score Technologies has had the privilege of working with the Regulatory … Read more

Connecting Rural Communities

Internet access is quickly becoming a basic human right. Connected communities are better communities – better health, education, influence and economic opportunities. The FCC’s Connected Nation Policy has made it possible for wireless service providers to extend the availability of 3G/4G mobile voice and broadband internet services in underserved rural communities throughout the US, including tribal lands. … Read more

E911 Phase 2 Compliance Testing

Wireless Service Providers are required by regulatory agencies to provide accurate locations for their customers while using emergency services (911). These results must be tested regularly across the entire network with a minimum 95% success rate and 90% confidence of the location provided. Based on technological excellence and rapid deployment capabilities, Score Technologies has been … Read more

VoLTE – The Next Evolution of Wireless Voice is Here!

Score Technologies Inc has begun a nation-wide test campaign using the latest LG G3 Vigor smartphone to verify Rogers Wireless’ Voice over LTE (VoLTE) network prior to public launch. Rogers is first in Canada to offer this evolutionary leap in voice technology and Score is proud to support this launch, collecting and analyzing real speech … Read more

GCI Operates Fastest Wireless Data Network in Juneau


Contact: David Morris, GCI (907) 265-5396;


Juneau, Alaska – A recent independent test of GCI’s (NASDAQ: GNCMA) wireless data network service in Juneau shows the company is outperforming competitors in several key areas, including 4G LTE download speeds.

Score Technologies, an independent network testing company, performed an independent competitive drive test in Juneau on August 4-8.  The drive test compared GCI’s 2G/3G/4G network to AT&T’s 2G/3G/4G network and Verizon’s 4G network.

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LTE Over 100 Mbps!

Score Technologies Inc. has cracked the 100 Mbps barrier in real world testing. Introducing the Note 3, the world’s first Category 4 device, Score has achieved consistent average speeds of greater than 100Mbps on a 20MHz LTE network. These are real world, user-perceived throughput measurements captured during HTTP download testing. In fact, we downloaded a … Read more

Score Technologies Inc. Has Moved

Score Technologies Inc. has moved to a larger location to better serve our Customers and allow for future growth. Score Technologies Inc. designed and built a new corporate headquarters in Forest, Virginia. We have designed a facility better suited to our customers’ needs, including adding a new data center, increased fibre bandwidth, and redundant systems. … Read more

Score Technologies Inc. Launches LTE 20 MHz

Score Technologies Inc. is the first benchmarking company in North America to launch a LTE 20MHz bandwidth benchmarking campaign. Supporting all operators and technologies, we’ve got you covered. From legacy GSM and CDMA systems to UMTS voice and HSPA+ 21Mbps data networks, 42Mbps dual carrier HSPA+ data networks, AWS LTE, and LTE utilizing 20MHz channel … Read more

Score Technologies Inc. Leads with LTE

Score Technologies Inc. is the first benchmarking company in North America to launch AWS LTE benchmark testing. Utilizing the first commercially available devices for LTE, we are furiously collecting data across Canada at blazing speeds!