Score Supports Rogers in Complaint Against Bell’s Most Reliable Claim

Bell told to scrap ‘most reliable’ ads

Canada no longer has a “most reliable network” after a B.C court ruled Bell Mobility must remove all of its advertising containing such a claim in a decision that conjured up wireless deja vu.
Wednesday’s court order follows a similar injunction issued last month against Rogers Communications Inc.’s own claim to be Canada’s most reliable network.

Rogers launched legal action against Bell on Dec. 1, claiming the Bell ads were false and misleading in an action that came after Rogers lost its own battle against Telus Corp. over the most-reliable issue.
Rogers argued before a B.C. court that data suggesting Bell’s network is the most reliable is misleading because it was compiled before the commercial launch of its upgraded network, said John Boynton, chief marketing officer of Rogers Wireless.

“You need to build reliability over time with many customers to be able to validate,” he said. “… Bell testing on an empty network does not constitute that.”

“The claim is something Rogers has been building and measuring and reporting on for years and years,” he said. “We have vast, vast amounts of internal and external third party testing over many years over thousands of tests per city.”

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